Escape to the soothing comfort of your private steam room, ready in just 60 seconds. KOHLER steam generator brings the purifying benefits of steam, such as respiratory relief and cleansing the body of toxins and impurities, and moisturizing your skin in your custom shower environment. Enjoy a professional steam sauna in your own home.


Fast ResponseTM

Begin enjoying steam in as quick as 60 seconds with Fast Response, the world's fastest heating system.


Power CleanTM

Using only water, traces of odor and limescale are completely removed from steam head outlet.


Automatic Control

Sensor control automatically provides an optimum temperature and moisture combination.



Select your favourite essential oil to complete your spa experience.



Compatible with a power supply of 220V 50/60HZ.

Available in customized options of 5/7/9/10KW to suit various steam room sizes.